Whitney Houston’s Brother: I Got Her Hooked on Drugs

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Whitney Houston’s Brother: I Got Her Hooked on Drugs
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It was a teary moment when Oprah sat down with Michael Houston to talk about his late sister, Whitney.

During the interview on “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Michael sat beside their mother, Cissy, who recently published a memoir titled Remembering Whitney. Oprah asked about the late Whitney’s drug use, to which he surprisingly took full responsibility.

“It’s painful … I feel responsible,” he said.

When asked directly by the interviewer, “Did you introduce her to drugs?” Michael did not hide or try to avoid the question.

“I would say… yeah,” he answered.

This, of course, coming after countless reports blaming Whitney’s drug habit on her ex-husband Bobby Brown, is a major revelation.

In the interview, Michael explains that, growing up, he and Whitney did everything together. So, that partnership translated to experimenting with drugs when they got older.

“I just felt like I should’ve taken better care of her,” he added.

While Michael was actually the music icon’s older brother, she often referred to him as “son.”

“You’ve got to understand… at the time… the '80s… it was acceptable,” he said. “In the entertainment industry, it [cocaine and crack] wasn’t a bad word like it is now … We didn’t know.”

Nevertheless, Whitney’s death hasn’t come easy for her brother.

“I’m living but I’m not alive without her,” he said. “That was my baby.”

Watch Michael’s revelation here:

Whitney Houston's Brother Makes a Shocking Revelation

While growing up in New Jersey, Whitney Houston was close to both of her big brothers, Gary and Michael. Since his sister's death, Michael, who many in the family called Whitney's twin, hasn't spoken publicly. Now, Michael reveals that he introduced Whitney to drugs in the '80s, long before Whitney married Bobby Brown. Watch as he discusses the guilt he lives with every day.