Bobbi Kristina Confirms She's Engaged

October 11, 2012 By:
Bobbi Kristina Confirms She's Engaged

After months of speculation, false Instagram photos of rings on fingers, sources “reports” and other hearsay, Bobbi Kristina has confirmed that she is indeed engaged to her boyfriend/brother.

After denying the engagement rumors for months, Bobbi Kristina must have been saving the announcement for this moment - that moment being, the teaser trailer for her families new Lifetime reality series, “The Houstons: On Our Own.” The video breaks the news for the first time, that 19-year-old Bobbi and her boyfriend Nick Gordon are going to tie the knot.

Engagement at 19 is nothing nowadays, I mean, Miley’s doing it, but this is especially salacious because Nick is Bobbi’s adopted brother. Whitney Houston sort of unofficially adopted Nick when he was a kid. Some of the family members refer to him as a godson.

In one clip from the teaser, one of the Houston men says to him, “nobody knew that from a godson you would turn into a boyfriend,” and he’s not implying that it’s a good thing, but rather a creepy incestuous thing.

Then sh*t hits the fan when Bobbi says, “we’re engaged!”

“Engagement? This is unacceptable,” shouts one of the siblings.

“They wanna see us fail, I have one thing to say, you wont,” says Bobbi all dramatic-like.

Watch the dramz unfold here. “The Houstons: On Our Own” premieres Wednesday October 24.