Victoria Beckham Steps Out in Public With Baby Harper and Size 0 Bod

September 3, 2011 By:
Victoria Beckham Steps Out in Public With Baby Harper and Size 0 Bod

And that’s how it’s done ladies and gents!

It hasn’t even been two months since Victoria Beckham gave birth to baby Harper and she’s already back to her old self.

Victoria and baby Harper made their first public appearance where Victoria showed off her slimmed down body. Obviously, the one thing they would do during their first public appearance is go shopping. It’s never to young to start!

Hot daddy David joined the mother daughter duo as they went shopping in Los Angeles.

Victoria looked great sporting leather pants, a black tank top and her sky high Louboutins. Considering the fact that it’s extremely hot in Los Angeles, I don’t know how she got those leather pants on or how she was able to take them off, but if anyone is going to do it, it’s Posh!

According to insiders, Victoria is already back to a size 0. Judging by the way Victoria looked while she was pregnant I don’t think she ever passed a size 2. The woman was only stomach. Guess some are just blessed like that.

After giving birth, Victoria suffered from a slipped disk, but it looks like she’s recovered just well as she’s sporting some seriously high heels.
She had Tweeted: "I'm feeling much better and enjoying every precious minute with baby Harper. I'm so in love."

Harper makes baby #4 for the Beckham clan and before people start giving Victoria slack for losing weight so quickly, just look back at all her past pregnancies.

She’s one of those lucky people who only gains in the stomach area and she goes missing after giving birth probably to nurse and get the body back in shape.

The upside of being a celebrity is that you can have your handlers watch your baby for an hour while your trainer comes over to whip your body back in shape. Regular folks can’t do such things as they have crying babies and no help. That’s why the baby weight usually stays on for months.

Other celebs who lost the baby weight almost immediately after giving birth include Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie. Kendra Wilkinson, on the other hand, recently revealed that she had a lot of difficulty losing the weight because she was also suffering from PPD. The good news is she looks great and feels great now!

How do you guys think Victoria looked just two months after giving birth?