Victoria Beckham Grabs Husband David's Package In the Big Apple

February 16, 2012 By:
Victoria Beckham Grabs Husband David's Package In the Big Apple

The world has been enjoying David Beckham’s latest underwear-clad H&M ad ever since it was released, and his wife, Victoria is no exception.

Victoria Beckham posed for a photo in front of a giant billboard of David in his underwear, and in the photo, she pretends to cup her husband’s balls.

David then posted the photo on his Facebook page, along with the caption: “So proud of my wife taking #NYFW by the balls.”

David’s designer wife has been at New York Fashion week showing off her F/W collection. It’s refreshing to see Victoria has a sense of humor, considering she’s often criticized for never cracking a smile. The pic has over 18,500 ‘likes’ on David’s page.

Victoria Tweeted about the giant black and white advertisement, saying “Harper was so excited to see Daddy when we got to NY!!! X vb”

Oh yeah, we’re all excited to see Daddy. Okay, that sounded incredibly creepy. But you know what I mean. David Beckham looks good, is what I’m trying to say.

And speaking of NYFW, Victoria was recently crowned the Queen of New York Fashion Week. After the press previewed Beckham’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection at the New York Library on Sunday morning, Victoria got rave reviews.

The Guardian called it “her strongest show yet.” 

And Vogue said: “In her insistence on developing slowly, and gradually earning respect, Mrs. Beckham has scarcely put a platformed-foot wrong."

Vogue Italy added: “Her style is, season after season, more and more desirable and confident.”