Rob, Kristen and Taylor: 'Twilight' Is Never Over!

July 12, 2012 By:
Rob, Kristen and Taylor: 'Twilight' Is Never Over!

Twilight Mania is upon us! The cast of the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 stopped by Comic-Con to enjoy the mayhem that descends upon San Diego this time every year.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have been Comic-Con’s main draw ever since they made their debut at the comic book festival back in 2008.

The cast sat down for a hilarious interview with MTV this morning and I tried to pull out any tidbits about the forthcoming film for you loyal Twihards, but the live-streamed interview was mostly just Robert laughing, Kristen feeling embarrassed, and poor Taylor trying to steer the conversation in a normal direction.

This is probably the last time these three will ever grace Comic-Con with their presence as the last Twilight flick premieres this November.

“It’s a little strange, it did all start here four years ago, this is coming to a close, it’s a little weird,” Lautner tells MTV’s Josh Horowitz.

While we’re all lamenting that Twilight is almost over, Kristen begs to differ, “Me and Bill Condon [the director] are still doing voice over stuff, I’m not even done with Twilight, it’s really weird.”

R-Patz echoes that statement, “We never really stop doing Twilight stuff,” before adding, “I’m sorry, what was the question? I’m not really latching on to any of your questions.”

He then got super red in the face and decided to change the subject by talking about how awesome Kristen is as a vampire for the first time in the series.

“When Kristen starts doing it, when she becomes a vampire, it seems fresh. It’s the little differences that she choose to do with her vampire,” says Rob.

It was then Kristen’s turn to get embarrassed, and tried to direct the conversation back to talking about the film. Kristen described how, now that her character is a vampire with new red eyes, the whole tone of the film has changed.

“Everything in the movie is seen through Bella’s eyes,” says Kristen, “Since she has different eyes now, the whole film has a different look and a different feel because of that.”

When Horowitz asked the gang how they would react if they suddenly found out that the author had penned three more “Twilight” books, R-Patz starts busting out laughing.

“What if we just started laughing?” Rob joked, “Nah, it would be awesome. I would genuinely be stunned if they found a way to develop it further.”