Tom Cruise: I Came From Royalty

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Tom Cruise: I Came From Royalty
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Turns out Tom Cruise isn’t just Hollywood royalty. He’s got real-life royal blood, too.

During a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the action star opened up about his recent trip to Dublin, Ireland to promote his movie Oblivion. The visit included a gift from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade: a full profile on Cruise’s Irish heritage.

“I found out my ancestors were the rulers of north Ireland,” he said.

Spinning off the setup, Kimmel pepped, “Of course they were… Your ancestors couldn’t have been peasants.”

The line got a laugh and Cruise went on to explain another thing that researchers turned up. “They owned a town called Hollywood.” Which, according to The Sun, is an actual town in west County Wicklow, wherever that is...

In addition to owning a town, the actor explained that, even way back then, the family went by "Cruise" and that one of them was a local hero for saving a family from getting kicked off of their farm.

The story was so epic, in fact, that it could make for a great Tom Cruise movie… the movie about Tom Cruise, starring Tom Cruise. (Our brain hurts.)

Despite how much it sounds like some ancestry researcher is pulling the actor’s leg, he insisted that it’s the real deal.

Watch Cruise’s interview below: