ABC Picks Ben Flajnik as the New 'Bachelor'

September 6, 2011 By:
ABC Picks Ben Flajnik as the New 'Bachelor'

If you want to star on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, it’s pretty easy. Just open up your heart to complete vulnerability, and then have it smashed. Publically. While everyone laughs.

Ben Flajnik, better known as the guy who had his marriage proposal rejected last season finale of The Bachelorette, will star in the next season of The Bachelor on ABC.

In the season finale episode of The Bachelorette, Flajnik told Ashley Hebert:

"Every second I spend with you makes me fall deeper in love with you. I want to thank you for allowing me to feel completely and utterly vulnerable and open with you.”


A 28 year-old winemaker from Sonoma, Flajnik attended the University of Arizona, where he majored in music production and minored in business. His father passed away in 2007, and Flajnik moved back to Northern California.

The Bachelor is set to return in January for its 16th season. But if Bachelor history has taught us anything, Ben’s chances of finding a wife are slim to none. No bachelor has married the woman he picked on the show.

But starring in The Bachelorette has gotten Flajnik his share of attention. Last month, Jennifer Love Hewitt cyber-flirted with Ben, tweeting that she needed to “book a flight to Sonoma” to visit the reality star. Hewitt told Ryan Seacrest: "I was looking for something pop culture to tweet about... Things got blown out of proportion... I have nothing to say except I'm totally single!"

This is how desperate Jennifer Love Hewitt is to get married. She’s just proved that she watches The Bachelorette to scout for rejected men. She’s like a puppy begging for leftover scraps at the dinner table. Kind of cute, but overall really, really annoying.

After hitting on him via Twitter, Hewitt and Flajnik ran into each other in a complete coincidence. A source told Us Weekly that Flajnik stopped by Lion’s Pub in San Francisco and spotted Hewitt from across the room. He reportedly then made a beeline for her.

“It seemed like a first date, but he wasn’t overly affectionate,” the source added.

Hewitt said: “Rumors are rumors... We did meet, but totally by coincidence."

But Hewitt isn’t the only gal going after the new Bachelor. Another insider says Flajnik “is the favorite with the women trying out for [The Bachelor] and the crew.”