Is Taylor Swift's Dating Life Hurting Her Career?

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Is Taylor Swift's Dating Life Hurting Her Career?
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This just in: no one wants to look at Taylor Swift’s capybara face.

A new report scouring the numbers of the songstress’ recent magazine covers makes the claim that she can’t sell copy. In fact, when compared to that of her fellow female songstress counterparts, TayTay’s covers produce significantly lower profits.

Women’s Wear Daily is the source of the numbers, unveiling Swift’s recent Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan cover data. In short, her sales were lackluster.

Vogue (March 2012): 329,371 copies

Glamour (November 2012): 443,000 copies

Harper’s Bazaar (December 2012): 138,412 copies

Cosmopolitan (December 2012): just over 1 million copies

(The numbers regarding Taylor’s recent Vanity Fair cover appearance, in which she infamously told Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to indirectly go to h*ll, are still unclear.)

While these values may seem significant on their own, they’re all considered flops other than Bazaar, which barely broke the publication's average sales figures. (Still, as WWD points out, Taylor’s Bazaar cover numbers didn’t touch Gwen Stefani’s, which set the bar high at 166,365 copies.)

For instance, when Lady Gaga graced the cover of Vogue in June of 2012, the mag sold 602,000 copies—nearly double what Taylor’s cover yielded. Adele’s Vogue cover: 410,343 copies.

Glamour and Cosmo? Same thing, with familiar faces like Lauren Conrad, Victoria Beckham, Scarlett Johansson and Ashley Greene way outperforming that of T’s mug…

What does all this mean? Maybe all this boyfriend bashing has finally caught up with her. Maybe we’ve all just reached Taylor Swift maximum capacity for a while. A long, long while.