Taylor Swift Denies House-Buying Addiction

January 26, 2013 By:
Taylor Swift Denies House-Buying Addiction
Image By: wenn.com

Taylor Swift did a fairly predictable thing during a recent interview: She shot down a bunch of rumors that make her look like a boyfriend-changing, real estate-addicted, media-embellished hooligan.

Tay Tay’s profound statement took place during an appearance on the Madrid, Spain-based television show, “El Hormiguero.”

“People say that I’m buying houses all the time that I’m not buying. It’s like… every time the press thinks I like a guy they say I am buying a house next to them,” Swift said.

She was referring to the most recent report of her shopping the London market for real estate near where her former boyfriend Harry Styles resides. The report seems to suggest a pattern of Taylor buying up property next to short-term boyfriends after she did that exact same thing with her other ex, Conor Kennedy in Cape Cod.

Whether or not the report is true is unclear, but it seemed to strike enough of a nerve in Taylor that she felt the need to comment on it. Referring to reports of the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer’s supposed $80K spending spree on Harry’s holiday gift, T called BS too.

“And also they think they know what I’m getting people for Christmas, which they don’t,” she said. “I was thinking when I saw that one that if they actually got it right I would be so sad because they would have blown my Christmas present, but they were all wrong.”

Because, we all know by now that Taylor’s gift to Harry was actually a breakup… BAZing!