Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' Late-Night Shenanigans

December 4, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' Late-Night Shenanigans

So yesterday Taylor Swift and Harry Styles went on a date to the central park zoo and it was complete devoid of ANY PDA.

Well, Taylor would have none of that, because later that night she and Harry were caught sneaking into a hotel at 4am with their hands embraced!

Do you know what goes down at 4am? Tomfoolery, that’s what. The last time I was awake at 4am, I was surrounded by more chicken nuggets than I knew what to do with a phone number for a guy named “motorcycle Joe!” OK!

But back to Taylor and Harry, or “Haylor” as the interwebz are calling them now. Taylor watched One Direction perform at Madison Square Garden that night and then the two escaped back to their hotel.

Then this morning, they were both spotted leaving the hotel, “several moments apart” claimed photographers. 

However, there was no walk of shame involved, they both had on new clothes. A very carefully planned walk of shame, I’m sure.

That being said, some are alleging that Taylor has no long-term interest in Harry, she’s just trying to make Conor Kennedy jealous. Uhh, duh, Harry is so dreamy! Conor doesn’t stand a chance! But Harry understands her hectic pop star lifestyle and Conor is still in high school, it’ll never work out!

I mean, uhh, that’s cool or whatever.