How Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Celebrated Her Birthday

December 13, 2012 By:
How Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Celebrated Her Birthday


Taylor Swift turns 23 today, Happy birthday girl! And how did she spend it? Over in London with the 18-year-old boy she’s only been dating for a few weeks. That’s so normal! Yay for being a cougar and rushing relationships!

No seriously, it’s Taylor’s big day and she’s over in the UK hanging out with Harry Styles and HIS MOM! Yes, Taylor chose her birthday as the day to meet his family. No pressure or whatever!

“It’s my birthday and I want to spend it with you!!! Muhahaha” – Taylor Swift, to Harry’s family, while wringing her hands and laughing maniacally.

This is actually NOT the first time Tay has met Harry’s parents. They met several weeks ago on December 3rd after a One Direction show in NY just days after she and Harry started dating.

For Taylor's birthday, the couple visited the English theme park “The World of Beatrix Potter” where they were photographed posing with fans and holding onto geese. Pretty tame for a 23rd birthday. She does know she’s only got a few good drinking years left in her, right? AND she was in her boyfriend’s home turf meaning Harry could actually legally drink in England with her. Awww #TeenageBoyfriendProblems.

Just minutes ago, Taylor Swift tweeted that one of her songs on the Hunger Games soundtrack got nominated for a Golden Globe.

“Best birthday surprise EVER – just found out that Safe&Sound is nominated for a GOLDEN GLOBE!! Thank you @goldenglobes and HFPA! #hungergames,” Taylor tweeted.

She also tweeted “BIRTHDAY!!!” several hours ago.

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift!