Hey Taylor, It Wasn't Love at First Sight for Harry Styles

February 13, 2013 By:
Hey Taylor, It Wasn't Love at First Sight for Harry Styles
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It’s now time to burst the cotton candy-filled bubble that Taylor Swift’s been riding for a good portion of her career.

In a recent statement—a real statement—the country music crossover’s latest ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles, revealed that it was never love at first sight when he first met Taylor. Which, seeing as they couldn’t have spent more than a couple days together on their promptly terminated romance, is pretty awkward... 

Harry told Now magazine:

“You can see someone and I think ‘She's amazing.' I wouldn't say I could fall in love at first sight, but maybe I just haven't done that yet.”

The UK singer described his attraction to the “We Are Never Getting Back Together” singer as “more infatuation at first sight.”

On the other side of the fence, Taylor has built a career out of prematurely falling head over heels for any guy she lays her eyes on, singing verses like “She’s never gonna love you like I want to” and “Why would you wanna take our love and tear it all apart, now?”

During her recent Speak Now World Tour, she announced:

“I tend to write a lot of songs about love and relationships. That seems to be the main topic covered.”

So, if any song about “love” comes out of the Harry Styles break-up, you’ll know that it’s just Tay Tay’s diluted sense of the word doing what it does best: inspiring break-up lyrics to add to her Billboard-charting empire.