Demi Lovato NOT Okay With Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Rumored Fling

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Demi Lovato NOT Okay With Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Rumored Fling
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Twitter blew up yesterday when rumblings of a romance developing between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles emerged.

Taylor Swift performed on “The X Factor” last night and according to the official “The X Factor” twitter feed, Harry showed up to support Taylor and was hanging out in her entourage.

The show tweeted:

Another official X Factor backstage “All Access Pass” twitter account wrote:

So, there’s a pretty good chance these two have a thing for one another.

Hollyscoop headed backstage during the show last night to get the scoop from the judges themselves on what is really going on with T-Swift and Harry and one thing is certain, Demi Lovato isn’t a fan of this pairing.

Demi was noticeably upset when we asked for her opinion on Harry and Taylor together, telling us, “I don’t really know about that and I don’t care.”

Woah, moving on.

Simon Cowell was a bit more forthcoming but says he didn’t know about the T-Swift/Harry flirting because he wasn’t at rehearsal and “only heard about it when I came down.”

But when asked if he thought they’d make a cute couple he told us, “I think they’re good together! Yeah!

Host Mario Lopez also pleaded the 5th telling us about T-Swift and Harry, “Oh, that was happening? I didn’t see anything, they’ve got me busy!”

But just like Simon, he thinks they’d make a perfect pairing, “Of course they would [make a cute couple]. They’re both adorable.”

Hmmm, everyone is suspiciously mum on this rumored romance, but the tweets don’t lie.