The Complete Guide To Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriends

February 13, 2013 By:
The Complete Guide To Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriends


Taylor Swift’s dating history is arguably one of the most complicated phenomenons in Hollywood. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we honestly have no clue what Taylor’s plans for Thursday night might entail. She’s still single? She hasn’t found a new flavor-of-the-month yet?  Are we sure Harry Styles is officially out of the picture?

If only there were some kind of breakdown or statistics sheet that would enlighten us on the complicated web known as Taylor’s exes…oh wait, there is.

This Hollyscoop original breaks down T-Swift’s dating history by dude, age, how long they’ve dated, reason for the split, and occupation.

There are 11 official exes, ranging from one date with Chord Overstreet to her three-month fling with Jake Gyllenhaal.

The ages of Taylor’s lovers are all over the map. She’s dated 18-year-olds and 34-year-olds and everything in between.

Taylor’s longest relationship lasted 5 months, but on average, her flings only last 2.3 months. Hey, at least no one can ever say she stays in a relationship after it has died.

The split statistics reveal that 45% of Tay’s relationships end amicably, 36% of the guys dump her (yikes), she only dumps 9% and another 9% of those men break her heart.

Really? Only 9% of her relationships result in heartache and she gets all that song material out of them? Damn. 

We even broke down her boyfriends by occupation and they really only fall into one of three categories: Musician, Actor, or American Royalty. The last category is reserved exclusively for Conor Kennedy. 

Taylor Swift Ex-Boyfriends - Dating Infographic