Taylor Lautner Spent $200,000 On A Car

August 2, 2011 By:
Taylor Lautner Spent $200,000 On A Car

Twilight star Taylor Lautner just dropped nearly a quarter of a million on a new car. The only way most of us can afford to spend that much on a car is if we’re planning on making the backseat the master bedroom.

Lautner was reportedly walking past a Mercedes-Benz dealership in L.A. with his parents, when he saw a silver 2012 SLS AMG. I have no idea what any of those letters stand for, but I assume you should be impressed. Apparently, upon spotting the car, Lautner went in and bought it.

In case you’re feeling bad about the state of your finances right now, maybe it will help you to know that Lautner still lives with his parents.

“I'm definitely thankful to have a supportive family, I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. I live at home with them and I'm expected to help out. I help out with the lawn, garbage, dishes.”

Lautner claims that even when he’s off filming, the chores are piling up for him at home:

“When I come back, I have extra mowing to do.”

This just makes me think that Taylor Lautner’s parents are a couple of rednecks that sit around eating hot pockets and letting their lawn overgrow, with absolutely no idea of what their son does for a living.

MOM: Whur you goin' boy?

TAYLOR: To film a MOVIE. I told you, I'm a MOVIE STAR.

MOM: Hush, I'm watchin' that science man!

TAYLOR: Mom, that's Dr. Phil.