Taylor Lautner is Permanently in the Friend Zone

March 7, 2013 By:
Taylor Lautner is Permanently in the Friend Zone

If you Wikipedia “Taylor Lautner friends,” a response that comes up reads: “He is good friends with all the Twilight co-stars especially Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed. He is also friends with Gishel Rafael, Alyson Stoner and Taylor Dooley.”

In other words: just a bunch of chicks.

The actor, made famous as the dude that struggled to keep a shirt on throughout all four installments of the soap opera vampire series, has recently opened up to Britain’s OK! Magazine about what appears to be his ongoing dilemma of being trapped in the friend zone.

“I'm a total people person,” he said. “I love meeting new people and making new relationships, so I am definitely open to making friends with girls.”

He added: “I would probably be lying if I said that we don't guard ourselves more than we used to, but you don't want to be too guarded and have too many walls up that you can't make new friends or find new relationships, that would be a bummer.”

Wow, that doesn’t sound like something a guy who’s had to sit through one too many girl talk sessions would say at all

Meanwhile, public sightings aren’t helping this image much. The six-packed stud was just snapped tagging along with Kristen Stewart, her girlfriends and absolutely ZERO guys whatsoever.

And, while WhosDatedWho.com vaguely ties Lautner to seven girls—from Taylor Swift to Emma Roberts to Selena Gomez—in recent years, it remains to be seen if this success story of man meat will be able to pull himself out of this apparent relationship rut.

In the meantime, girls, if you need a shoulder to cry on, we're sure the werewolf can pencil you in.