Is Taylor Lautner Afraid of Dating?

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Is Taylor Lautner Afraid of Dating?
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Taylor Lautner is the latest celeb to lament the horrors of fame. He echoes every celebrity before him who complains that it's just so terrible having perfect bone structure because it makes it harder to date and trust people.

“Oh, it’s soo hard being famous! I can’t date anybody because everybody just wants my hot body and my Twilight millions!” – Taylor Lautner, presumably.

Okay, I made that quote up, here’s what Taylor told Look magazine, “I do have to be more careful. I would be lying if I said that I don't guard myself more than I used to, but I don't want to be too guarded.”

But Taylor says it’s a fine line between protecting your heart without coming across as unapproachable.

“If you have so many walls up that you can’t even make new friends or find new relationships. That would be a bummer,” he revealed.

His most high profile relationships include dating Taylor Swift, which lasted for a second and Lily Collins that lasted for two seconds before Zac Efron swooped in and stole her from the Twilight star.

I don't think he was in love with any of those girls and Taylor says he’s not even sure he believes in love at first sight, “I’m still figuring that one out. I go back and forth on that. Sometimes I say I do and sometimes I’m not sure. I definitely think I need a few more years under my belt to fully know if I believe that or not.”

Also, Taylor is finally breaking free of the paranormal teen romance genre, he says his next few films aren’t about love. Thank god, I need more excuses to see him wield a gun and do mixed martial arts.

“I do enjoy romance. There's always some sort of love story in every movie, but the roles I'm working on now aren't super-romantic so I'm excited about that."