Stacy Keibler Speaks Out On George Clooney Split

July 16, 2013 By:
Stacy Keibler Speaks Out On George Clooney Split

Stacy Keibler has spoken. In her first post-breakup tell-all, Stacy tells "Access Hollywood" all about the earth-shattering split from George Clooney.

“There’s nothing really dramatic that happened, so it’s all good,” says Stacy.

Really? That’s it? So boring.

When asked if they stayed friends, Stacy said, “of course.”

Not dramatic. They stayed friends. Were they actually together or was Stacy just George’s hot roommate?

Stacy added that regardless of what the public thinks about it, she’s not weighed down by the split AT ALL.

“I’m someone that’s always lived in the present moment. I always look at the positive on everything. I’m so excited for all these projects coming up, and I’m super busy.”

Whatever the reason for the split, Stacy is on to bigger and better things like "all these projects" she talks of. This fall she debuts a collection of branded sportswear for Meesh & Mia and Stacy calls the partnership perfect, "due to [her] combined passion for sports and fashion."

And of course, there's the shopping show she will host, "Supermarket Superstar."