How Stacy Keibler Made $10 Million Dollars by Dating George Clooney

July 10, 2013 By:
How Stacy Keibler Made $10 Million Dollars by Dating George Clooney

There is exactly 1% of people who feel bad about the Stacy Keibler and George Clooney breakup. (“But she gave him all her childbearing years for nothing!” – you say)

Honestly, homegirl made $10 million dating Clooney, so everyone calm down.  

Thanks to becoming an overnight celebrity simply by being Clooney’s arm candy, Stacy is now offered endorsement deals, paid tweets, hosting gigs, etc. Stuff she never would have gotten by simply being a one-time “Dancing With The Stars” contestant.

According to Jo Piazza, author of “Celebrity Inc. How Famous People make Money,” he says, “Knowing what I know. My ballpark estimate for her earnings increase is $10 million.”

So yeah, simply by dating Clooney, her rate shot up to $10 million.

So how does she make her cash?

Appearance Fees: If Keibler shows up to an event, she gets paid about $40,000. She used to make $5,000 for an appearance in her “old life” as a WWE star.

Paid Tweets: Stacy can get about $6,000 per paid tweet. So yeah, that Instagram she posted about restaurant ABC Kitchen in NY…she got paid to do that and all it took was 10 seconds and a free meal.

Endorsement Gigs: Says Piazza, “Prior to Clooney, it’s unlikely that big name brands would have approached her.” He estimates she makes anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 for a single endorsement deal. For example, her current deal is with Colgate and we’re sure her megawatt smile isn’t the only reason Colgate wanted to partner with this pseudo celebrity.

TV: Stacy’s new gig, hosting the NOT embarrassing show “Supermarket Superstar” probably landed her a cool $1 million.