Snooki Surprisingly Buff in New Photo

June 25, 2013 By:
Snooki Surprisingly Buff in New Photo

Snooki’s new pastime, since her reality TV show is over and she isn’t qualified to “do” anything, is just to post photos on Instagram showing off how much weight she’s losing.

First we were all like, “wow, she’s so skinny,” and now we’re all like “damn, she’s a low-key bodybuilder.”

And then in this other photo, she’s showing off her guns and hashtagged “#fitMom #damnproud.”

Normally, any Snooki post annoys us. Oh what, Snooki got fake teeth? What’s that? Snooki got bangs? WHO CARES?!

But this weirdly buff photo deserves it’s own post. It’s just, so not the Snooki we’re used to.

Goodbye Jell-O shots. Goodbye beer bongs. New protein shake Snooki is here to stay.