'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki: 'I'm Bisexual'

February 8, 2012 By:
'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki: 'I'm Bisexual'

OH, so THAT’S why you had sex with Deanna. Now it all makes sense.

‘Jersey Shore’ star Snooki claims that she enjoys the company of both men and women. Though I’m pretty sure a pickle has fallen into the mix at some point, too.

“I would consider myself bi,” the star told The Huffington Post. “I’ve done stuff with girls before.”

Yeah, I don’t know that Snooki is a bisexual so much as she is a trisexual. She will literally try anything sexual. If it’s on Urban Dictionary, she’s done it. Hobnocker? Check. Asian Burrito? Check. Pterodactyl Ride? Done and done. This is judging from Season 4 alone.

“I would never be with a girl because I like penis,” Snooki continued. “But I've experimented."

While we’re talking about the sexual preferences of members of the ‘Jersey Shore,’ which is what I’d probably write my college thesis on, JWoww reveals there are questions about Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino.

"His posture and the way he holds his cigarettes... everything. My best friend Joey is gay and his husband was closeted for 27 years of his life. And I knew him before he came out. So because of that I know ... the signs. I can't confirm or deny with Mike, but if he was, it would all make sense.”

So congrats, gay men! You might just have The Situation on your market. Gay men are hating me right now.

“He brings it up,” JWoww said. “He’ll say, ‘People think I’m gay, and I don’t know what they’re talking about.’”

Snooki added: “He told me one time, ‘[All the talk is] making me wonder.”