Sharon Osbourne Reveals Creepy Royal Sex Fetish

June 25, 2013 By:
Sharon Osbourne Reveals Creepy Royal Sex Fetish
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Sharon Osbourne wants to go down on Prince Charles if it means she gets to be knighted.

“I want a title,” Sharon told Conan O’Brien on his talk show, “They call it a Dame…You just have to s*ck his d*ck.”

WTF!? Sidebar: What did Sir Ian McKellan have to do to get the "sir" in his title? 

We have no idea what Sharon was promoting on “Conan” but she was really pushing her royal prostitute services, apparently.

When Conan asked if this hurt Ozzy’s feelings she said, “He [Ozzy] can f*ck Camilla while I’m with Charles.”

Naw, if Ozzy sees a photo of Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall he’s going to change his mind.

Sharon: Ozzy! Come, we’re going to wife swap with Prince Charles and Camilla.

Ozzy: I’m okay. I’ll sit this one out.

Watch Sharon’s ridiculous interview below.