Sharon Osbourne on Simon Cowell: He Has Small Penis Syndrome

April 17, 2012 By:
Sharon Osbourne on Simon Cowell: He Has Small Penis Syndrome

We knew all those tight v-neck t-shirts were compensating for something!

To put it mildly, Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell are in the middle of a little bit of a feud.

Quick backstory: An unauthorized biography on Simon Cowell’s life has alleged that Sharon Osbourne left "The X Factor" because she was allegedly jealous that Simon was having multiple affairs and cheating on his girlfriend with Dannii Minogue when they all worked on the talent show together.

Well, Sharon Osbourne sets the record straight on her daytime talk show, "The Talk."

“He says I left because he had an affair with Dannii,” says Sharon, “I left because I didn’t like that girl. When it’s not fun, you go!”

“I couldn’t care if he was having sex with anything!” adds Sharon.

Sharon then says Simon and his “people” or whoever is responsible for the autobiography sensationalized Sharon’s story because, “[Simon] likes to glamorize. He loves attention. He loves all the publicity he’s getting.”

“Nobody leaves Simon,” says Sharon, “He fires you. When you leave of your own accord, he doesn’t like that.”

Then, out of left field, Sharon says, “I think he is a victim of small penis syndrome.”

Way to drop a bomb, Sharon!

“He’s wealthy, he’s powerful, he’s creative, he’s got everything except,” and then Sharon points at her crotch, “you can’t buy the goods. “

So now Sharon has accused Simon of having a pencil dick. Happy Tuesday America!