Bradley Cooper Has Guy Crush On Ryan Gosling

March 6, 2013 By:
Bradley Cooper Has Guy Crush On Ryan Gosling

Because the race for Ryan Gosling’s heart is already crowded with EVERY GIRL EVER, Gosling’s The Place Beyond The Pines co-star Bradley Cooper has just tossed his hat into the ring of Gosling admirers.

“Ryan Gosling looks sexy as h*ll in this movie, too. He’s all muscled out, tattooed up; a super cool outlaw bank robber who gets to hold a baby for most of the movie,” Bradley gushed to UK GQ magazine.

Tell us something we DON'T know Bradley!

Brad (we’re friends, it’s cool, he likes it when we call him Brad) joked that his part in the movie is that he plays a guy who has to kill Ryan Gosling. I know, right?!

“Who would ever want to be in a movie where you’re the guy that kills Ryan Gosling? Me, my character, this cop who lies and rats on his buddies – is supposed to turn up 45 minutes into the movie and kill Ryan Gosling?”

We can’t even imagine the emotional journey Bradley took to ever drum up enough hate to kill off Ryan Gosling, OMG ACTING!

Brad continues, “I love Ryan. Honor to work with him. He’s one of our greatest actors. Nice guy, too.”