Another Reason Ryan Gosling Should Father Your Children

March 29, 2013 By:
Another Reason Ryan Gosling Should Father Your Children

Let’s recap what we know about Ryan Gosling: charming, softhearted, muscular, delicious, and hellishly handsome. Basically, perfect, right?

Well allow us to drop yet another bombshell on your already seduced noggins. Turns out he's great with kids.

Darius Marder, who penned the actor’s newest project, The Place Beyond the Pines, tells Hollyscoop about Gosling’s natural fatherly tendencies, remembering one scene that stuck with him.

“One of my favorite moments is when Ryan Gosling takes a baby into his arms right after something’s happen and it's kind of intense,” says Marder.

In the film, Gosling plays a motorcycle stunt driver in a traveling circus who discovers and tries to provide for a child that he fathered with an upstate New York townie, played by Eva Mendes.  

“This baby is screaming,” he adds, “and Ryan Gosling takes this baby and holds it even in this incredibly intense dramatic moment ...and this baby stops crying and dozes him into his shoulder.”

Marder calls the caught-on-camera moment “cinematically magical.” And, if that’s not enough to melt your doting hearts, the writer continues to gush over Gos-darling's natural instincts.

“To do that while acting and take that baby… I have kids, I know what it takes to make them stop crying,” says Marder. “You have to be really comforting; you have to actually have it. I think that is the magic of Ryan Gosling. That is an amazing scene and magical moment.”

There you go, kids; 2013’s Father of the Year goes to the Canadian-born man-steed. And he doesn’t even have kids yet!