That Wasn’t Riley Keough In Rob Pattinson’s Car

July 3, 2013 By:
That Wasn’t Riley Keough In Rob Pattinson’s Car

After images of Rob Pattinson driving a mystery redheaded woman around the wilderness of Los Feliz surfaced this week, the media became obsessed with discovering her identity, social security number and all.

But first, a name would suffice. After determining it wasn’t Kristen Stewart after just dying her hair red, it began to circulate it was Riley Keough, her Runaways co-star.

Except that’s also been shut down by Riley’s rep.

“Riley isn’t dating Rob,” a rep for the actress confirmed to “And I can confirm that Riley was not photographed at all this weekend.”

Like her flowing locks, the mystery continues to unravel. After some very scientific Google Image searches, we’re speculating it was one of Rob’s sisters, possibly Lizzy Pattinson.

It’s unlikely that Rob will be getting involved with anyone about a month and half after his breakup with Kristen.

He’s already preparing to spend most of his summer in Toronto, Canada while he shoots his next film, Maps to the Stars.