Robert Pattinson Won’t Let Kristen Stewart Visit Him

March 7, 2013 By:
Robert Pattinson Won’t Let Kristen Stewart Visit Him

Robert Pattinson has been slowly turning into a homeless person down in the Australian outback, in fact, he’s been there for 50 days while his girlfriend Kristen Stewart has been in LA partying with her brat pack of tomboy look-a-likes.

But the weirdest thing is why Kristen hasn’t gone to visit Rob. Oh wait, it’s because he told her she couldn’t!

So. Much. Drama.

A source close to the couple told In Touch that Rob has banned Kristen from visiting him.

“Rob doesn’t want her to visit. He felt like they needed space. He wants a break,” says Rob.

We had heard rumblings that they were on a trial “break” but those always came from who is notorious for making sh*t up, and In Touch isn't much better.

Besides, it HAS been 50 days (we’re not counting, but like, we are), so why hasn’t KStew gone to visit her BF? Australia IS a 16 hour flight, but KStew has the time and the money. What’s she doing with her time? Buying trucker hats and going to concerts? C’mon.

However, the source adds that while Rob has been alone, “he is really enjoying himself.”

Oh. My. God.

Ladies, we wouldn’t be surprised if these two broke up once the Twilight DVD is released. How do you feel about this? We feel like Twihards should be happy about this because that puts Rob back on the market and you most definitely have a chance at dating him, we're sure.