Robert Pattinson Spotted Out with Dylan Penn Again!

November 8, 2013 By:
Robert Pattinson Spotted Out with Dylan Penn Again!

Robert Pattinson is reuniting and apparently still “in love” with Kristen Stewart…AND he’s still dating Dylan Penn!

We thought Dylan Penn was a two-week thing that had already expired. They went on like, three dates and were “hanging out,” but apparently she’s STILL in the picture.

Does she read the tabloids? Does she know that Rob’s still in love with KStew!?!!?

Rob and Dylan were spotted at the Roosevelt Hotel together last night for a book launch party. Not exactly a hot date, but still, they attended the event as a pair.

Onlookers at the party say Rob and Dylan stayed in the same group of four friends the whole evening but didn’t show any PDA or signs of being a couple, other than sticking by each other’s side the whole night.

A source did add that girls were flirting with Rob (as they should be) the whole night but he didn’t even notice. Either those other girls were fives (but this IS Hollywood, so let’s assume they were eights or above) or Rob was so entranced with Dylan, he couldn’t hit on other chicks.

Anyways, the source did add that Rob and Dylan left separate, but that was probably just to confuse the paparazzi.