Robert Pattinson Gym Date with Mystery Girl

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Robert Pattinson Gym Date with Mystery Girl
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For months Robert Pattinson has been rumored to be dating someone. He was supposedly with that model from the Dior ads. Then he was supposedly dating Riley Keough. And then his name was thrown around with his co-star Sarah Gadon.

We dutifully reported the “news,” but didn’t believe one second of it. Those dating rumors screamed TABLOID, but this report about his new girl seems kind of real.

Rob and some cute non-famous brunette have been spotted going to the gym together several times this week.

She’s either a) his trainer or b) someone he’s seeing.

A source close to Rob tells X17, “Rob rarely hangs out with a girl he’s not dating. He keeps to himself. So the fact they left in the car together definitely means something. Rob’s all over the place right now – he’s trying to replace Kristen and he’s going out a lot to widen his circle of friends. He wants to find a girlfriend.”

Dammn. Twihards…get thee to whatever gym is near Beverly Hills and quick! Homeboy is thirrsssstyyy.