Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn Already Fizzling Out

October 14, 2013 By:
Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn Already Fizzling Out
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It’s been a minute since we heard anything about Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn. Dylan Penn (Sean Penn’s daughter) and Rob were reportedly seeing each other for a few weeks, and were “crazy” about each other, if you believe the tabloids.

Anyways, those same mags that were gushing over this newfound romance are now reporting that both Rob and Dylan aren’t feeling it anymore.

Dylan specifically can’t handle dating an A-lister because she feels like it’s overshadowing her “talent.” She’s a “model,” in case you ONLY thought she was a celebrity's offspring.

“She doesn’t want to be known as Rob’s girlfriend,” a source tells Us Weekly, “She’s afraid to get serious with him and lose her privacy.”

As for Rob, he doesn’t know why she’s afraid to get serious, because “serious” was never an option to begin with.

“Rob isn’t ready to be exclusive with anyone right now,” says the source, “He’s just enjoying himself.”

This is an age-old tale of guy-getting-over-a-breakup and girl-afraid-to-date-an-A-lister-because-it-might-ruin-her-modeling-career. Classic love story.