Rob Pattinson Saves Dog From "Worst Pound in Louisiana"

November 9, 2012 By:
Rob Pattinson Saves Dog From

When he’s not playing a vampire on screen, he’s just your everyday superhero in real life. 

While promoting his new film Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Robert Pattinson revealed that before he saved his pet dog, the pup was destined for a grim fate. And, moments later, the canine was living a life of luxury.

During a Thursday interview on “The Ellen Show” alongside Twilight costar Taylor Lautner, Rob spoke about Kristen Stewart and his dog “Bear,” presenting quite a four-legged success story.  

“Just by coincidence I had to go back to LA and this is not my usual way of traveling but we had like a private plane,” he told host. “So I took him from the worst pound in Monroe, Louisiana and he was sitting on a little private jet the next day.”

And, from the sounds of it, Rob got there just in time…

“He was in a five-day kill shelter and it was on his fourth day,” said Rob. 

But don’t shed too many tears for the watery-eyed pup. Along with the private yet ride, it wasn’t long before Bear was treated to some serious high-class living. 

“We were staying at the Four Seasons after,” said Rob. “I didn’t have any dog food so I got him a plate of prosciutto…”

Along with the backstory of Rob’s new best friend (sorry Kristen!), he shared a picture of the dog with the audience, which cued some resounding, yet justified “awwwws.” The puppy is, after all, freakin’ adorable. 

Check out the clip of Rob talking about Bear below: