Report: KStew and RPatz on a Trial Separation

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Report: KStew and RPatz on a Trial Separation
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For all you kiddies out there scribbling “Mrs. Robert Pattinson” over and over again in your diaries, here’s your chance to move in and swoop that stud up… Maybe.
According to a new report, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are temporarily separated on a trial basis. TheTwilight couple is apparently taking things slow in their journey to get back what they once had. is reporting the sad, sad news to the masses of the Internet.

“Rob and Kristen are on a trial separation right now,” a source tells the gossip slinger. “For Kristen, it’s all or nothing. She’s ready for marriage, but Rob is over the relationship.”
If you’re like me, then you are probably screaming to yourself: “What the hell are they trial separating from when they’re NOT EVEN FREAKIN’ MARRIED?”
But, as one fellow writer much Twi-hardier than I kindly pointed out, Rob and Kristen are, “pretty much married.” Apparently getting married on screen in a womanly-geared, vampire love story and having a fanged CGI baby together legally binds you as man and wife…
Anyway, because there’s no use in arguing with a fanbase this big, the source also said that, “Rob’s been shaky ever since the cheating scandal.”
Adding to speculation—but not really—that the non-married couple was experiencing some troubles, Kristen recently was featured in a magazine video where she revealed that she had a crush on Harrison Ford, and—oddly—Amy Adams.
“I used to have a huge thing for Harrison Ford,” Kristen says in the clip. “But Amy Adams man, she’s my favorite actress right now. I have a total crush on her too because I got to work with her.”
Check out the video here!