Greenpeace Angry At Robert De Niro

September 8, 2008 By:
Greenpeace Angry At Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro usually only hears great things about his Nobu restaurants. But not this week. He's come under fire from environmentalists for serving up endangered fish at his restaurant.

Three of the Nobu locations in London have been targeted by Greenpeace after activists caught the restaurant serving Atlantic bluefin tuna and reportedly not telling the customers what they were eating. That particular fish is extremely endangered, and the World Wildlife Fund has called for a ban on its sale. They accuse De Niro of making a lot of money off these endangered species.

Willie Mackenzie of Greenpeace said: "Nobu and Robert De Niro are clearly making a great deal of money serving up endangered fish and they were reported this year as trying to sell a controlling share of their restaurant chain at a valuation of $400 million.

Now it turns out that Nobu's celebrity clientele are unwittingly pushing bluefin tuna towards extinction, and they should demand that the restaurant stop serving it up immediately. If you were served up something labeled as 'steak' in a restaurant, and only found out later that you had eaten tiger or rhinoceros meat, you would be outraged."

They do have a point! Who do you side with?