Rita Ora Made Rob Kardashian Keep Year-Long Relationship A Secret

February 19, 2013 By:
Rita Ora Made Rob Kardashian Keep Year-Long Relationship A Secret
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Two months ago Rob Kardashian came clean about his break-up with UK pop singer Rita Ora because she cheated on him with 20 men, “reportedly,” but now Rob is coming clean about the whole relationship, like how they actually dated for a year and Rita made him keep it a secret or how he constantly took her back every time she cheated.

Rob explains why he wrote those salacious comments about Rita on Twitter like her being pregnant and sleeping around, “I posted what I posted to keep myself from taking her back. Every time she messed up, I took her back for over a year now. I just had to do that to make her hate me.”

Not only that, but Rita wouldn’t let anyone know that they were dating.

“Rob just got out of a really weird relationship,” Khloe Kardashian explained on “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami,” “They were actually together for about a year but Rob was never allowed to admit that they were actually an item. Because she’s in the entertainment industry, she wanted to present herself to the world as a single girl.”

So that’s lame, but it also added another casualty to Rob’s ever expanding list of people he’s had beefs with.

Earlier today we reported that Rob wanted to put Kanye West on blast for refusing his request to record a song with his friend.

Rob also hated on Khloe when she kicked him out of her house for being lazy.

Rob had a problem with Scott Disick after Mason was born, branding him an “alcoholic” and refusing to visit Kourtney because he didn’t want to see Scott.

So that’s a brief history of Rob’s issues with other people. Welcome to the club, Rita Ora.