Watch Rihanna Slam Microphone on Fan’s Head

June 19, 2013 By:
Watch Rihanna Slam Microphone on Fan’s Head

Rihanna may be a ratchet superstar, but we never thought she was a straight up d-bag. That is, until today.

Video footage has surfaced from Rihanna’s most recent London concert of the singer purposefully bashing a fan with her microphone.

This isn’t an accident.

During one song, Rihanna was making her way through the audience while singing. Some fans got a little too eager and handsy and instead of letting her bodyguards do the talking, Rihanna literally smashed the mic on the fan's head and then continues singing.

To be fair, those fans were getting grabby. But still, does RiRi expect to have any fans at all with that kind of behavior?

The video is making the rounds on the Internet and comes after reports that this was the same show Rihanna arrived two hours late for after she was spotted partying till 4 a.m. with Cara Delevingne the night before.

It's not that Rihanna can’t handle 4 a.m. nights and still perform, isn’t that what she always does?

We have a feeling Rihanna is just “over it.”

If RiRi could stop performing and putting out albums and just take Instagram photos all day, we feel like she would.

Watch the heated incident here.