Top 6 Craziest, Real Life Hollywood Love Feuds

December 2, 2012 By:
Top 6 Craziest, Real Life Hollywood Love Feuds


Love is in the air! Except in these instances it’s more like a whiff of love mixed with some toxic smog that has everyone not just bleeding their hearts out, but coughing up a lung. Romantic, right?!

Hollywood romances of the silver screen are full of drama, but they just can’t compare to these real life love feuds of recent years that star some of your favorite celebs. Art imitating life and none of it resembles the latest Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie.

Lindsay Lohan and Max George from The Wanted: Like a deleted scene from Mean Girls, LiLo punched a psychic (now known as the worst psychic in the world who couldn’t foresee being punched in the face by Lindsay Lohan) at some club this week, and over what you’re wondering?

A boy. A very specific kind of boy—from a boy band to be exact: Max George of The Wanted. That’s right, just like two high schoolers who got into a playground brawl and dragged into the principal’s office because they both saw each other Magic Marker-ing “Mrs. Max George” on their Lisa Frank binders. Apparently, LiLo and this rando psychic were both vying for some Max George time bringing this case of love at first sight to love at first fight, except in this ring, we’re rooting for no one.

Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, and Gabriel Aubry: Thanksgiving weekend has been hella drama for Halle Berry when her fiancé Olivier Martinez gave a plate of stuffing to Gabriel Aubry in the form his French fists. The two duked it out on the front steps of Halle’s L.A. mansion on the holiday, and it’s just a sad situation all around considering it revolves around Halle and Gabriel’s daughter Nahla. Supposedly the whole debacle has calmed down and the three have reached an “amicable” agreement.

Rihanna and Chris Brown: Probably the most publicized episode of domestic violence ever, Rihanna and Chris Brown are a “love” feud (note the scare quotes) that has had more highs and lows than an amusement park roller coaster. Except there’s isn’t a “Must Be This Tall” to ride precaution, zero safety features, and no one’s strapped in. Following their very public display of Instagram affection, it appears this Chrihanna saga shows no signs of slowing down.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston: The love feud that included everyone and their homemade “Team Jennifer” / “Team Brad” t-shirts, just like the golden era of Hollywood, here was a star-studded love triangle for a generation that didn’t include Elizabeth Taylor.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher: Cougars United were dealt a death blow to their fantasies when leader of the pack Demi Moore couldn’t keep toyboy Ashton on a leash. He ended up cheating on Demi with two girls in a hot tub in San Diego last year and the claws of everyone were out.

LeAnn Rhimes, Brandi Glanville, and Eddie Cibrian: Everyone once in a while a love feud comes along that elevates D-list celebrities into the D+ range—a real achievement! These three did not hold comments back, propelling their names into tabloid relevancy, a cancelled primetime television show, and a stint on the Housewives series. Everyone “wins.”