Rihanna's Most Outrageous Weed Photo Yet

June 24, 2013 By:
Rihanna's Most Outrageous Weed Photo Yet
Image By: Instagram

How do you unwind after knocking someone upside the head with a mic? If you've got a medical marijuana prescription, a doobie.

If you're Rihanna, two giant doobies the size of Chipotle burritos.

As she proceeds with her Diamonds World Tour, the singer returns to her unofficial motherland of Amsterdam, a land of much greener pastures.

Wearing a pink beanie cap with a veil (don't ask, she's high), Rihanna is all smiles as she lights up two cartoonish sized blunts. Like those oversized Pixy Stix the height of some small children, these are so ridiculous you'd think this was the cover of next month's High Times, but nope, it's just Rihanna's life.

With Instagram enabling video capabilities this past weekend, we're disappointed she didn't give us a 15 second video of this episode. This just feels like a lost opportunity to see what smoke looks like in action when filtered on Toaster, but then again remember, she's high.

However, she did find a means to get somewhat political; "#LegalizeIt," she captioned one photo. Because if there's one way to sway Congress, it's with photos like these.

If you didn't know Rihanna loves weed before, you know she's head over heels now.