Rihanna Parties Hard With Her Grandpa

August 6, 2013 By:
Rihanna Parties Hard With Her Grandpa

If you have Instagram, then surely you were entertained (as always) by what Rihanna posted.

Yesterday, more so than usual, because she was at the annual Crop Over Festival, a traditional harvest festival, in her native Barbados.

In a—dare we say outfit?—that shined bright like a diamond, the singer partied it up with her closest of friends, not to mention her family, including none other than her grandpa.

“Look who was pon de road yesterday! My grandfather Bravo!!! The whole family was out to all!” she exclaimed on an Instagram collage of her and her grandfather embracing and living it up, island style.

He, along with everyone else in her home country, obviously couldn’t be more proud of Rihanna, easily the most successful and popular pop star of our generation at the moment.

“He’s legendary, and he loves me, just the way I am!” she wrote with another Instagram of the two dancing in a parade.

It’s not the most common reaction we have to her Instagram account, but in this case, let’s all let out a collective: “Awwww!”