Rihanna Mocks Miley Cyrus in Vulgar Outfit

September 11, 2013 By:
Rihanna Mocks Miley Cyrus in Vulgar Outfit
Image By: wenn.com

Rihanna stepped out in her most ballsy outfit yet. Literally.

The singer, who’s been making the rounds at New York Fashion Week, apparently stopped by the United Nations gift shop to wrap herself up in this global getup, which she then subtly accessorized with...a penis purse.

Does merely holding this thing mean she’s giving her own bag a handjob?

RiRi uploaded an Instagram photo of her latest swag bag courtesy of Vivienne Westwood, so we should’ve known not to be shocked.

As she was leaving her hotel, Rihanna decided to give her waiting fans a little entertainment, making what will now be known, through the rest of this year anyway as The Miley—sticking her tongue out and flapping it about while striking a blatantly vulgar pose.

What do you think? Rihanna throwing shade? Or just really excited about this new purse in her life?