Rihanna Brings Chris Brown Home for the Holidays

November 28, 2012 By:
Rihanna Brings Chris Brown Home for the Holidays

While Chris Brown’s Twitter account no longer exists a flickering romance with his supposed soulmate Rihanna still might.

The “We Find Love Singer” has reportedly booked a five star villa for the R&B singer in her homeland of the Barbados as a “bonding holiday” for her friends and family.

The UK’s The Sun is reporting the news, claiming that RiRi will attempt to convince the closest people in her life that Brown—who infamously battered her to a pulp in 2009—is a new and improved, non woman-beating man.

“While no one else can understand it, she’s convinced that Chris is the love of her life and her soulmate and that they’re simply meant to be together,” an undisclosed source told the tabloid.

According to the story, RiRi booked Chris and his mother a five-star Bajan villa over the New Year holiday.

This, of course, after both individuals have gone on the record denouncing rumors that they were getting back together—Rihanna told Andy Cohen “No. Not together … He’s kinda alright” and Brown told radio personality Big Boy “No … That’s quick.”l

Though, it’s easy to see where fans got the idea that the ex couple is back on, seeing as all evidence other than their public statements—from matching tattoos to “dirty and amazing lap dances”—seems to be suggesting that very notion.

Most recently, a half naked Chris Brown was featured face down on a bed on Rihanna’s Instagram account.

“They’re unrepentant,” the source added, “and they want to show the whole world that they’ve moved on from what happened in 2009.”