Rihanna and Chris Brown Are Slowly Becoming the Same Person

December 7, 2012 By:
Rihanna and Chris Brown Are Slowly Becoming the Same Person

More evidence is trickling in for what is becoming harder and harder to call a “rumor” that former couple Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together. 

But, possibly even more concerning is the fact that the troubled pair is becoming so similar it’s scary.

Here are a few reasons why we are mildly concerned that Chris and Rihanna are slowly mutating into the same hit making, headline-spawning, hip-hoping beast. 

Or, as we say it here in the Hollyscoop office: The Chrihanna!

Matching Tats: It’s no secret that both Rihanna and Chris Brown have a body art fetish. But some ink jobs are obviously copies—

Direct references — Chris has a woman’s face on his neck that some have likened to Rihanna’s battered face from 2009. And Rihanna has reported just got her beau's nickname “Breezy” tatted in response (according to The Sun). 

Neck stars — The “former” lovers each have black-inked stars on the backs of their necks.

Underboob — When Rihanna decked her underboob area with a massive goddess Isis tat, Chris answered promptly with a matching fighter jet on his chest. 

Haircuts: Rihanna debuted her new shorthair look in September. Fashion statement, or further efforts to become her other half?

Same Stomping Grounds: From the VMAs to secret Halloween parties at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood, they have been seen hitting up the same venues, often together.

The couple is currently in talks about attending the upcoming Grammy’s—Not to mention their reported plans to spend the holidays together. 

Rolexes: Last month, RiRi and Breezy debuted their matching his and her Gold Rolex watches on Twitter.

Marijuana: The former couple shares an affinity for the same top grade grass: Rihanna has gone on the record (Twitter), saying that “Bob Marley is my HERO,” and Chris was just photographed with multiple blunts in this mouth while in Amsterdam. 

Nude Photos: Their Instagram and general photo presence on the web is as dominant as ever. And similarities in their Internet photographic existences can easily be drawn. 

Leaked — In 2009, several naked bathroom shots of Rihanna hit the web. Two years later, Brown had his own nude scandal.

Purposely posted — Brown posted a picture with himself along with a near nude Rihanna. Earlier, she shared a photo of a shirtless Brown on her bed. 

Songs: She sings about him—“I found the one, he changed my life…" And he sings about her—“ Don't f--- with my old b---- it's like a bad fur”…

Plus, all their collaborations together: “Birthday Cake,” “Bad Girl,” “Nobody’s Business”…

Same subject of their bumpy relationship, same genre, same lifestyles… Why not just combine them into one superperformer? 

Introducing "The Chrihanna." Scary? Yeah, we think so too...