Photos: Rihanna's $12 Million Pacific Palisades Mansion

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Photos: Rihanna's $12 Million Pacific Palisades Mansion
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Rihanna may be single, but she is one lucky biatch.

The songstress has just cashed in her “diamonds” for millions and has purchased a mansion in Pacific Palisades, Ca for $12 million.

Rihanna’s new pad has 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 20 parking spaces. PARRTTYY!

If you’re wondering what the Palisades is, let me paint a picture.

Pacific Palisades is near the beach AND in the hills if that even makes sense. The houses are set on confusingly winding roads to avoid paparazzi, it has it’s own little town that if ventured into by commoners you will immediately get death stares and sent back to whatever cheaper beach town you hail from, but it’s not as far from Hollywood as say, Malibu, so there are no old-school retirees around. Pacific Palisades is where the talented, annoyingly rich, and super successful celebs live. Her neighbors are Ben Affleck and Tom Hanks, so….

Her backyard swimming pool looks like a resort, with water fountains and a deck of lounge chairs. There’s also an additional sundeck on the roof and I’m sure it will double as “Rihanna’s Instagram photo studio.”

She also has an another backyard with a barbecue and a bar. Like I said, PARRRTYYY!

Rihanna just tweeted about her new home, writing, “I literally wake up every morning at 530 ish and stare at my pool til the sun comes up! Just waiting!”