New Year's Eve Party Playlist

December 29, 2012 By:
New Year's Eve Party Playlist


It’s New Year’s Eve weekend, let’s celebrate the world NOT ending this month with the best 2012 playlist of your life, err year.

If you, like me, hope you never have to hear “Gangnam Style” ever again in 2013 you are not alone. Make this iTunes playlist for your NYE party and your friends will “OMG” in approval and “AW” with nostalgia as they say goodbye to 2012.

NYE Party Playlist:

“Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen: Don’t think you can escape this song when talking about 2012. Bonus: Everyone will sing along.

“Somebody That I Used To Know” – Gotye: Another song that EVERYONE will know the lyrics to. Play this towards midnight when everyone is drunkish and maniacally looking for someone, anyone, to make-out with when the clock strikes midnight. It’s a nice soundtrack for desperation.

“Beauty and a Beat” – Justin Bieber: As an expert Justin Bieber listener, this is his greatest song ever. Bonus: For everyone who claims to “hate” JB, this song is so awesome they’ll just listen along and not even recognize it as a Justin Bieber song and you can maintain your street cred.  

“Glad You Came” – The Wanted: 2012 was boy band invasion, so you must represent either The Wanted or One Direction but since One Direction are all 12-years-old (don’t quote me on that) let’s listen to the more mature sounds of The Wanted.

“Diamonds” – Rihanna: Rihanna’s best singles this year were “Birthday Cake” and “Diamonds” and since the lyrics to “Birthday Cake” generally make a lot of people uncomfortable, let’s just put “Diamonds” on the list.

“Gangnam Style” – Psy: We’ve already established that I’m sick of this song, but it would be weird if you DIDN’T hear it on New Years. Besides, watching drunk people try to remember these dance moves will be funny.

“Lights” – Ellie Goulding: This was the little song that could. There were some gossip items about Ellie dating dubstep artist Skrillex, but no-one really heard her music outside the UK. And then “Lights” happened and it was the greatest song ever.

“We Are Young" – Fun: THIS SONG. This song should narrate every party of your life. Live it up and belt this song at the top of your lungs. Most people haven’t heard this song in months so it’ll be a nice nostalgic moment like “omg I haven’t heard this song since June 2012. Awww” 

“Scream And Shout” feat. Britney Spears: This song grew on me over the months and no playlist is complete without a Britney song. So it’s either play “Toxic” for the umpteenth time or listen to her newest song.

“I Knew You Were Trouble” – Taylor Swift: If there is a higher concentration of women at your party, you must play this song. Otherwise, you can skip it. This is the ultimate “hey girls let’s scream/shout this song because it’s cute/fun/not annoying.” I love this song and you should too.

“The Motto”  - Drake: If you are even a casually listener of rap music, chance are you have heard/like this song. If this song comes on at any place where dancing is happening, the instant this song turns on, most people let out a collective “ohhhhh sh*t.” This is a very good song.

“Birthday Song” – 2 Chainz: If you’ve heard this song, you’ll know why I included it. If you have not heard this song and there isn’t anyone at your party who gets offended by misogynistic language, then play this song and watch as people loose their minds.