Chris Brown: Why I Love Rihanna

March 4, 2013 By:
Chris Brown: Why I Love Rihanna

More from the supposedly reformed Chris Brown trying to prove he’s worthy to date your daughter, Rihanna

The “Don’t Judge Me” singer is continuing his public plea for forgiveness. The newest development in this real life Lifetime (or “Law & Order: SVU”) story is that he says “our love is real.”

Breezy opened up to the UK’s Daily Star during Elton John’s Oscar party last weekend. Though, given Daily Star’s gossip accuracy batting average, this conversation may or may not have happened. 

If it did, in fact, happen, Brown said: “Our love is for life. We are meant to be together.”

We’ll buy that… Brown went on to add that, in terms of his past—you know, that whole beating her face to resemble a bruised peach in 2009—all is forgiven, at least from RiRi’s POV…

“I love her and she loves me,” said Brown. “That is what it comes down to.”

He added: “People criticize both of us but they don’t know what we have … It used to bother me but it doesn’t now. We have the right to make our own decisions and live our lives just how we want.”

Then again, a source at the same party recently told Hollyscoop that Brown was trying to pick up Carmen Electra. So, the tug-of-war for the Chris Brown forgiveness campaign continues...