Chris Brown And Rihanna Back Together

April 11, 2013 By:
Chris Brown And Rihanna Back Together

Soooo, forget anything we wrote about Chris Brown and Rihanna this week, because they are officially back together.

And by “officially” we mean, they posted an Instagram photo together. But they look REALLY happy in the photo, so…

Rihanna posted the photo yesterday evening showing the two on-again off-again lovers riding in a car with the caption, “This sh*t look like a toupee” which are lyrics from the only good song Chris ever made, “Look At Me Now.”

Also, Chris looks so happy and young and non-threatening. We actually LOVE this photo.

RiRi also posted a solo shot that hinted at her reunion with Chris, when she wrote, “wit my yellow n*gga X.”

We’d probably refer to Chris as “light-skinned,” but Rihanna has never been one to shy away from expletives.

Rihanna has also started using Chris’ trademark “PhuckYo” in her hashtags again. Chris’ old Instagram name was PhuckYoPictures in her hashtags Rihanna just tagged a photo as, “#phuckyowrappingpaper” on a photo of a gift she received that was wrapped in foil.

So they pose together, she refers to him as her “n*gga,” and she uses his catch phrases.

However, a source told Us Weekly that they are together but continue to fight, "every second it's a blow-up and then full on love."

The source also adds that the major reason for their relationship issues is they both put more emphasis on their careers than on each other.