Celeb Holiday Plans Revealed

December 25, 2012 By:
Celeb Holiday Plans Revealed

Ever wonder what the people of the spotlight are up to this holiday season? Well, wonder now further, readers…

Hollyscoop has been busy over the past month working the red carpet to get to the bottom of our favorite stars’ holiday plans. 

Here is a roundup—with some JUICY exclusives—of what we found:

Carmen Electra: “I just love to get together with friends. My friends are amazing cooks and they love to get in the kitchen and throw down. And we play video games and board games and watch movies and it’s cool.”

NeNe Leakes: Her present this year? “The only thing I am probably gonna get in 2013… I'm a big Range Rover girl and, so, the new ones… They unveiled it the other night.”

Rihanna: Word on the street is that RiRi is jetting off to her homeland of the Barbados and bringing Breezy along for the ride…

Max George: Not sure if he actually plans to do this, but Max George claims he’d like to share a kiss with fellow The Wanted bandmates Thomas Parker and Nathan Skyes, telling us he’d enjoy it if they “all do a three way.” Yeah…

Kerry Washington: “I try to have a good time, it's a balance you know. I don't throw it all out the window but I'm also not too controlled about it. I try to live in the grey area a little bit.”

Ty Burrell: Art depicts life? The “Modern Family” star plans to pencil in a little time with his own chromosome clan, skiing in the mountains. “We'll probably be up in Utah … spending time with family.”

Selena Gomez: It’s a party of one for Selener. After apparently breaking it off with Justin Bieber, the actress is reportedly flying solo this season.

Flo Rida: He’ll probably be riding around in his favorite Xmas gift ever: His Bugatti. “It's red and black,” he says.

Jamie Foxx: Funny story, the Django Unchained actor’s birthday is on December 13, so he’s been a little preoccupied with that. “I've been real nice, I've been real nice,” he tells us.

Kendra Baskett: “Oh man, three tickets to paradise … Where there's water and beach and piña coladas.”

Kyle Richards: “We celebrate Christmas and Hanukah. I converted to Judaism 18 years ago, so I am Jewish. But I could never give up the Christmas holiday, so we celebrate both. We have a tree. We have it all.”

Francesca Eastwood: “I actually called my boyfriend [Tyler Shields] last night and was like, ‘OK, for Christmas, all I want to do is lay in bed and watch TV and drink hot cocoa.’ So that's all I want to do for Christmas, I just want to relax.”

Callan McAuliffe: “Well I think I'm going to stay home this Christmas. Last Christmas I was in New York I think and the one before that was in Australia, so I've been hopping around a little bit, this time I'm going to be here.”