Rihanna Spent HOW MUCH Money on Strippers Last Weekend?

April 24, 2013 By:
Rihanna Spent HOW MUCH Money on Strippers Last Weekend?


Strip clubs and dollar bills…times nine months worth of rent.

…times a used 2003 Mazda Protege.

…times eight 32-inch LCD televisions.

Throw it up, throw it up. Watch it all fall out. To the tune of $8,000.

Singer and esteemed women’s rights activist Rihanna dropped eight grand, eyewitnesses at the joint told TMZ, when she visited King of Diamonds, a mega-strip joint/amusement park in Miami for married men who “feel suffocated.”

TMZ has a video clip of Rihanna making it rain like a cascading waterfall of George Washingtons (who sometimes dances with Andrew Jackson) on a stripper’s booty.

Legend has it that RiRi wanted to see how the girls on dem poles keep their tricks in check when her own music is playing in da club.

“Lastnight one of my fantasies came to life! I got to see K.O.D. strippers dance for me to the stripper song I made! [all sic]” she wrote on Twitter.

She uploaded an Instagram photo surrounded by all those “bands that make yo girl go dowwwwnnnnn…” (money). She stayed for two-and-a-half hours.

TMZ also reports that close friend and fellow female enthusiast, Katy Perry eventually joined Rihanna

It’s a lot of dough, but don’t worry, she still got her money.

That’s how she ball out.