Regis Philbin Exits 'Live With Regis & Kelly', Who Should Replace Him?

November 18, 2011 By:
Regis Philbin Exits 'Live With Regis & Kelly', Who Should Replace Him?

Regis Philbin holds the world's record for most hours in U.S. television. So, the man needs a break. On Friday Regis made his exit from his long-running show, Live With Regis and Kelly. Which of course, used to be Live With Regis and Kathie Lee.

Reg kept good on his promise to not cry on Friday's farewell show, which was pretty much one big tribute to the man. Ripa read a letter to him about the "43 steps" they took together each morning to the stage. Ripa said:

"You always want to make me feel like a million bucks," Ripa said to Philbin.

Regis' goodbye was saved for last:

"Some people ask, why has the show stayed on so long? And I think it's answered to me every time people tell me why they watch it. They watch it, they say, because it makes them feel better. And it can't get better than that. It makes them happy and I'll never be able to top that…I'll always remember spending these mornings with all of you. So thank you very much for these great years together. God bless you all, and I hope I see you again real soon."


Next week, Jerry Seinfeld will join Kelly as co-host. That's a pretty high-profile fill-in. Unfortunately, it's only temporary. The show is going to need a permanent replacement, so who should take over? There are a few names being floated around…


Dana Carvey: The Saturday Night Live alum is the latest name tossed into the mix. Not a bad choice, but he's not exactly buzz worthy. We haven't heard much from him in years. Then again, his Regis impression is so dead on, he might be able to take over with no one knowing the difference.


Mark Consuelos: Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos have great onscreen chemistry. You know why? Because they're married. No one wants to see two married people co-hosting a show. Look what happened to Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker.


Ryan Seacrest: Rumors that Ryan might take over the show have been surfacing, but come on! He doesn’t have to host everything.


Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy's name has also been thrown around, probably due to the success of his own late night show. But Jimmy's still young, Kelly needs a seasoned veteran by her side. That's what made the show funny.


Wayne Brady: Wayne Brady would be perfect. He's experienced, he's as charismatic as you can get, and he's funny. TV critic Tim Goodman said: "He's born to do that. He'd drive down the demo and expand the audience. He's a natural."