Gay Men Crown Rebel Wilson as Their New Queen

November 27, 2012 By:
Gay Men Crown Rebel Wilson as Their New Queen

Following her breakout role in Bridesmaids, Rebel Wilson has taken the US pop culture scene by storm. The entire Hollyscoop office is a little obsessed with Rebel, and we’re not the only ones—she’s been wholeheartedly embraced by gay men everywhere.

The fearless comedy empress struts her stuff in the December/January issue of Details magazine.

Surrounding the 26-year-old, velvet-clad blonde are a group of five doting men that some readers might tend to classify as “gay looking.” And, judging by their toned physiques and lack of clothing, I doubt any gay men would object to welcoming these boys onto their team.

Groping at her breasts and smelling her golden locks, the fine fellows gaze longingly up to their new ambassador in the shot.

There’s no denying that the gay community has embraced the actress’ presence in their attention spans.  “That’s awesome,” Rebel previous told LGBT outlet on whether she realized just how much gay men adore her.

“I love playing all sorts of characters,” she added, “but gay guys in particular seem to like my characters—and my writing.”

Rebel’s gay roots run deep, growing up within the “gay mafia” of Australian theater. Her fierce and unfiltered appearances—like the her impromptu performance of Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” on “The Tonight Show” and her T-shirt pubic hair at the MTV VMAs—seem to have captured the spirit of the fabulous crowd. 

Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect struck a real chord, though, which she attributes to that fact that the character “exudes confidence.”

The actress has embraced the high honor in the LGBT community, surrounding herself with the culture of West Hollywood where she lives with her gay roommate and Bridesmaids partner in crime, Matt Lucas.

Not that non-gay people can’t appreciate Rebel’s true awesomeness…Her talent stretches across the board, inappropriately touching anyone willing to open up to her raw talent and expertly crafted timing—or, as Fat Amy might put it, anyone with a fat enough heart.