Prince William Helps In-Laws Buy New Home

June 26, 2012 By:
Prince William Helps In-Laws Buy New Home

Prince William reportedly wants his in-laws to live like royalty.

The Duke of Cambridge celebrated his 30th birthday last week, an age that granted him access to his half of the $31 million dollar inheritance his late mother, Princess Diana, left for her two sons.

According to Us Weekly, William just put some of his impressive fortune toward a new place for his wife’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton.

Over the past 10 years that he and Kate have been keeping each other company, William has grown quite close to her family that he now considers his own.

The Middletons are currently knee-deep in the process of securing their new home, which apparently is so impressive that it had ties to the royals in the 1500’s.

Regardless, here are the details. The estate, located in Berkshire, features a seven bedroom Georgian manor on an 18 acre lot, "a quiet, secluded property along a country lane." It also “features a grand entrance hall, 17th century fireplace, topiary shrub and ‘fantastic views.’"

The whole thing is worth about $7.3 million, part of which was gifted to them by this real life Prince Charming. Which proves that this whole fairy tale just keeps getting better for all members of the Middleton family.

Considering a Palace rep is refusing to comment on all this, dismissing it as a “private matter,” it’s probably safe to assume that questions on what might become of the rest of the money would go unanswered as well.

But we are hoping that the Prince is putting something away for that budding family that he and Kate (and the rest of the world) are anxiously awaiting!